Functional features. Part of the architecture.

  • It’s rare for a product concept to have so much versatility and design expression, but with our screens the functionality and aesthetics are so diverse that it becomes a powerful tool for architectural expression.

  • Our contemporary, custom-made products go far beyond offering aesthetic appeal; they evoke emotion which can easily be married into creative concepts and projects of all types.

We're here to help.

  • Our experienced team of specialists; engineers, designers and fabricators will specify quality materials, industrial design approaches and production techniques to develop applications for your projects that use minimum materials with maximum effect. Custom designs are available on request.

  • Our team of experts will:
    Specify product approaches, material types and pattern.
    Provide shop drawings, samples and specifications.
    Assess site, take final measurements and project manage.
    Project manage critical milestones with stakeholders.
    Manufacture high quality products at competitive pricing.
    Value engineering.
    Manage shipping and installations.