What is Aluminium?

Aluminium is a very versatile metal with a wide range of uses. Aluminium is also a very environmentally friendly metal. It can be recycled many times without losing its properties, this makes aluminium a very sustainable material. The oxide layer that forms on the surface of aluminium protects it from corrosion. Aluminium a very durable metal that can be used in a variety of harsh environments. Aluminium will not rust!

Do your products rust?

The short answer is no. Our products are weather resistant, rust proof and high quality with a 15 year or longer lifetime.

How do I maintain my product?

You only need 3 items – Warm water, Sunlight liquid and a clean cloth.

How do I get started with ordering?

1. Browse our options and select the items you want to order.

2. Choose your products with several customisable options.

3. Enter your contact information and delivery address.

4. Select a payment method.

5. Review your order and submit it.

How do I install?

Our products are designed with a no mess no fuss assembly and installation approach! Fixtures can be purchased "off the shelf" and easily attached and fixed. We're happy to assist and advise further but any DIY enthusiast or handyman will have it up in no time so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful new purchase!

What fixtures do I need?

Standard M6 or M8 nail in anchors will do the job. For a more heavy duty approach you can opt for M6 or M8 coach screws and plugs. If you based in costal areas we recommend using stainless steel fixings.

How is my order shipped?

Just like Ikea, our products are shipped flat packed for easy assembly. If you can build Lego you'll have this up in no time!