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Penumbra Fins

Penumbra Fins

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Penumbra is a budget friendly and customisable window fin system, with shade and privacy options to suit any building.

Select your arrangement of fins to give the ultimate flexibility, privacy and shading.

With our range of patterns you can add your touch of style along with various levels of sun control increasing shade and reducing internal glare. Installed around windows the 500mm depth can reduce temperatures as much as a typical roof overhang, while the fins add to the shade and increase levels of privacy.

Made from aluminium - weather resistant, long lasting and lightweight, Penumbra is an easy to install addition because of its intuitive design and very few components.

** Standard Lead-time 10-15 Working days ** 

 ** Shipped flat packed for easy assembly **

Product details.

Material: 2.5mm Aluminium

Size: Standard depth 500mm. Various heights available.

Colour: Options available

Finish: Powder Coated

Fixtures: Brackets supplied

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